Get All Ball!™

"The Tee" is the newest and best hitting tee to come along since the original tee. We take pride and dedication in making every tee to the higest quality that "The Tee" deserves. Through extensive testing, we have found the most comparable material to make hitting feel as real and game-like as possible, as well as being as sturdy as a tee should be.

"The Tee" is perfect for all sorts of baseball players. It can telescope from a short tee to a high tee in just moments.

All the parts of "The Tee" are built for the rigors of the baseball swing. With poly-pro neck and a base plate meant for the outdoors, it's the only one you will need.

With simple construction, it is an easy product for everyone to use. We take pride in every unit we sell.

At "The Tee", we also make a softball tee for all the softball athletes.

"The Tee" is made to make your swing off it feel as real as possible.

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